Thursday, October 1

{the dish} creamy chicken pasta

Pink photo in honor of breast cancer awareness - thursdays the month of october - check out soulaperture and pink thoughts!

This dish got me through many a night with young kids. I think I copied it out of a Child magazine when the kids were wee ones, I was breast feeding and just needed something quick and comforting. I do remember those days, sore, tired, feeling like my body wasn't mine anymore. Now when I am sore, tired and feeling like my body isn't mine anymore its because I worked out too hard. Time is a funny thing.

Have a great Thursday!

creamy chicken pasta (child magazine)

2 cups pasta - penne
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts - sliced into pieces
olive oil
2 cups chicken broth
1 9 oz pkg cream cheese
1 9 oz pkg frozen spinach (thawed and drained) - or I like fresh - just blanched!
1-2 cloves garlic minced
salt and pepper - red pepper flakes if you want it a little spicy
cherry tomatoes
parmesan cheese

Saute chicken in olive oil until brown add garlic and saute for 2 min more. Add chicken broth and scrap bottom of pan. Let boil then add cream cheese and spinach. Heat for 5 min or so until cream cheese melts. Add cherry tomatoes and cook for 3 -4 minutes. Toss with cooked pasta and serve with parmesan cheese to the side. Thin with broth or wine if it gets too think.


acommonthread said...

i don't have kids, but i think that recipe looks amazing - haha. yum. thanks for posting.

DesBisoux said...

sounds like the perfect food for a back from clubbing at 4am meal!!
i love the pic. the flowers were one of my mama's favourite...

Christina said...

I remember those days. And Child magazine, came to my rescue, more than once.
What a beautiful pink tribute!

amy said...

yummy, I may try this with gluten free corn pasta! looks delicious! see you tomorrow. :)amy

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Sounds SO good...and SO warming...I think our girls would love it too.
Have a great weekend.