Wednesday, September 16

pete's party: post #4 : music

#4 reason to love pete: he is just the best!

music: Music has always been a key element to our parties and my husband is totally in charge of it. He has a way of picking just the right music for the crowd. He really knows way too much about bands, artists, musicians. But I love it! I am hoping for some spontaneous dancing late into the evening. (girls we remember what happened last time) all fun! I need to get him moving on a playlist for Pete. We may even give out one of our signature cd. Who knows I can't wait to see what he comes up with. {by the way check his blog out at hit it! ITS great!}

I am definitely feeling the crunch... but in a good way. Can't wait. Next post on Pete's party will be a recap of the nights follies. Do tell!

ps. In the pic above: the beautiful woman in back is Shari from rotten bananas, check her out. She is talking with the nearly famous, Mike Whiteside, who it is rumored, was pictured in a Martha Stewart Magazine. Wow! even celebs turn out for my brother's party.

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